Our Area of Expertise

Train with the esoteric hypnotherapy and spiritual hypnosis experts. Learn from the leading global authority on the sacred art of soul retrieval and deep soul healing.
Our area of expertise is deep soul healing and deep soul work. We are the world’s first specialist training providers on the ancient sacred art of soul retrieval, soul reclamation, soul integration and soul restoration in the pure and original primordial form that was practiced in the legendary healing temples of ancient Egypt.

The Art of Deep Soul Healing,
Soul Reclamation and Soul Restoration

What Is Soul Retrieval?

Disconnection from soul and soul loss are the most common forms of illness and are the basis of the majority of problems people face at a personal, professional, relationship, spiritual and also at a collective global level.

Soul retrieval is an ancient sacred art and highly specialised skill of bringing the lost, fragmented and scattered aspects of the soul back.

A very sophisticated form of the ancient art of true soul retrieval was practiced by the healer-priests and priestesses of ancient Egypt who were specially trained and held a very high status in that society. This skill and art in its pure and powerful form has not been openly practiced for over 3,000 years until now when the time has come to bring it back from its obscurity to empower humanity to live a soul-filled life.

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber, master soul healer, global authority on esoteric hypnosis and internationally recognised master shaman …  has made this remarkable sacred healing art available through the Hypnotique Protocol® and the Golden Grid Technique®. Franchelle teaches the steps, skills and structure for performing deep soul healing in the way it was practiced in the healing temples of ancient Egypt.

Feeling Blocked or Stuck?

What Is Soul Loss?

The soul is that inner part of us that we can easily become disconnected or disengaged from and in so doing, lose touch or move out of relationship with this vital aspect of ourselves. It is the part of us that holds all the knowledge of our evolutionary journey and it is the source of our character that is the product of all of our experiences in this life and previous lives. It is also that part of us that can easily get stuck, blocked, lost, disconnected and fragmented.

The soul can lose or give away its power, or vital pieces of itself as a result of life experiences that range from ordinary everyday occurrences to traumatic, or more challenging life events.

When we experience soul loss we can feel a part of us missing. We can feel like parts of us are fading away or disappearing. We can feel like we are in pieces or fragmented.

It can feel like we are blocked or stuck at a threshold and can’t move forward beyond old limiting realities or cross over to a new experience.

As a result, of losing part of ourselves our lives gradually become smaller and smaller, more inflexible and self-limiting. The result being, we are no longer one with our true self and are out of alignment with our destiny.

Fulfilling Your Unique Destiny as a Soul Healer

Can the Soul Be Healed?

Our training programs equip you with leading-edge esoteric hypnotherapy skills and specialised soul healing steps, techniques and processes to enable you to successfully undertake the work of soul retrieval, soul restoration and deep soul healing.

As a result of this deep soul work, the person can experience true healing and as a consequence can function at their full potential. They are able to fulfil their unique purpose and destiny as a soul.

Soul retrieval is a very ancient sacred process, skill and art that is now being taught in the manner it was practiced in the healing temples of ancient Egypt in the Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnotherapy® Certificate and Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnotherapy® Diploma training programs. This training is unique as there is nothing else remotely like it anywhere.

The Ancient Magical Art of Esoteric Hypnotherapy

The 12,000 Year Old Hypnotherapy Techniques of Ancient Egypt and Even Older 100,000 Year Old Shamanic Healing Secrets Revealed for the First Time

Esoteric hypnotherapy opens the doorway to the metaphysical worlds.

To work in these worlds powerfully, intelligently, effectively, successfully and most of all safely requires very specific and highly specialised knowledge and training.

Such training has not been generally available for thousands of years, until now.

The Esoteric Hypnosis Training Academy® brings the ancient lineage teachings on esoteric, metaphysical and spiritual hypnosis, shamanic healing hypnotherapy and deep soul work to you at this time.

These sacred teachings are made available exclusively through the Esoteric Hypnosis Training Academy® programs.

For the first time, these teachings are made publicly available to all those who want to learn the sacred and magical art of esoteric hypnotherapy.

Entering into the ‘deep waters’ of the metaphysical realm with a superficial knowledge and a ‘feel good’ factor devoid of actual depth of understanding and rigorous occult training is a sure recipe for ‘getting in over your head’.

Where the occult is concerned; a little knowledge truly is a dangerous thing as many have found to their cost.

The Esoteric Hypnosis Training Academy® training programs equip you with the knowledge and understanding you need to easily and safely navigate the metaphysical realm and confidently facilitate true healing for your clients.

You will learn age-old methods and processes and receive easy-to-follow scripts that deliver proven and outstanding results for your clients.

The magical art of esoteric hypnotherapy and working in the metaphysical realms was known to the ancient Egyptian healer-priests and priestesses who were specially trained and were able to work, what today we would call miracles.

Up until now this knowledge and the associated skills have never been made openly public.

For the first time in thousands of years, the Esoteric Hypnosis Training Academy® brings the legendary 12,000 year old hypnotherapy techniques of ancient Egypt and even older 100,000 year old shamanic healing secrets to you to enable you to:

  • Work with the magical power of true esoteric hypnosis.
  • Facilitate true healing for your clients by working skilfully, powerfully, effectively and safely in the metaphysical realms.
  • Effect radical deep lasting and positive change and transformation in your clients that could not be achieved by any other means prior to now.

The Most Advanced Soul Retrieval Methodology

The Golden Grid Technique®

As an esoteric hypnotherapist you will learn to work in a quantum reality, to track and clear old negative soul stories woven into the fabric of space-time so that the soul can re-write them and heal itself. Integral to Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnotherapy® and the Golden Grid Technique® is the means to assist another soul to restore, reintegrate and become whole.


Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnotherapy® Certificate Training

Specialist Soul Retrieval© and Deep Soul Healing


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