Linda Ojala Cert.HPEH

Hypnotique Protocol® Esoteric Hypnotherapist

Everything is energy for me. At night, as a young child, I would watch my room dissolve into energy – feeling oh-so-small and infinite at the same time…

My childhood grounding in this reality is my foundation – even as I allowed myself to be buffeted by the constraints of modern-day life. I understand that yearning: “there is something more – I AM something more” in adulthood.

This focussed my spiritual journey. Eventually leading me to Aotearoa. Papatūānuku immediately communicated She was my home. I knew this is a land of high healing frequency and consciousness.

As a practitioner of First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® I understand the holistic healing powers of vibrational medicine to restore balance and harmony.

Over 25 years experience as a Reiki 2 healer provides the necessary wisdom and aroha so I can hold sacred space for your Souls healing pathway.

I daily hold Reverence and Magical Creativity with the incoming Children of Light in a Kindergarten. And I am practised in Steiner / Goethe transformational art techniques.

I know we are all creative beings at heart.

Soul Song Illumination
Shine brightly. Let aroha guide your way.

How I Can Help You

Come – let’s journey together into Soul’s inner realms. A sacred place – where Soul gently steps into healing. These changing times can cause us to easily disconnect – no longer dancing freely through life. This often manifests as a recurring problem. We’ll journey together to the root cause of the problem. Your Soul can then understand; take responsibility and heal.

Rediscover the world as a magically wonderous place.
Let your unique Soul Song illuminate your way forward...
leading you back to your creative centre;
your divine presence.


“Now I have completed my Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnotherapy® 9 session program with Linda. It has definitely been an amazing journey. It has offered to me to view my problem under many different angles and also how blockages that my soul encountered in the past has affected me and continued to affect me presently. It has also given me the tools to go ahead at my own rhythm to address my issue. I am very pleased having been supported by Linda in that deep process.”

Cedric S, Holistic Practitioner

“As a descendant of Ngāti Porou iwi, I highly recommend Linda’s mahi. She is passionate when it comes to the heart and soul of her kaupapa.”

Schantel H, Mirimiri Therapist

“Thank you for taking me through the Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnotherapy® 9 Session Programme. What an amazing journey for profound healing and deepening my relationship with Soul. Your wise words, guidance and holding the space allowed for truly magical work. Once again, Thank you.
Much aroha.”

Nicky S.

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Sessions Available:


  • Certified Hypnotique Protocol® Esoteric Hypnotherapist
  • First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® practitioner
  • Certified Reiki practitioner
  • Graduate Diploma of Teaching ECE
  • Honours BA – Art and Art History
  • Steiner International Teaching Certificate – ECE

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