Irene A Dekker Cert.HPEH

Hypnotique Protocol® Esoteric Hypnotherapist

Over the years I have studied many healing modalities and practices and worked to assist others find greater well being. For myself I have travelled far and wide to learn life lessons and knowledge from other cultures and places. More and more I have found that the greatest adventures lie within. The Hypnotique Protocol® is an invaluable pathway to discovering your own wisdom and inner joy that the soul seeks to learn and experience.

The Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnotherapy® uses a positive approach for positive results. Rather than fixing or reacting to a problem, it helps us take action on a situation in a soul led and inspired way.

Doing this Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnotherapy® work for myself, I received a reset at a soul level. Our unconscious memories carry an energetic charge and continue to tap our energy. Reconnecting and rewiring aspects of my soul, I step forward renewed and energised.

Working with clients I have seen life changing shifts in their being. I see that this rebalance can bring one deep joy, a feeling of being loved and loving more, a calm and clear state of mind and a receptivity to new life adventures. It has been very rewarding seeing the transformation in clients as we work together either from my home workplace or in zoom sessions online.

Intuitive and Transpersonal Coach, assisting others to take steps on the road to well being, empowerment and self realisation.
If we are all diamonds in the making, this work can help us clear and clean up many facets at once.

How I Can Help You

The Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnotherapy® training is a transformational tool to enable your soul to light(en) up!
I offer the one on one Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnotherapy® nine-session program.
If you need assistance to take steps on the road to self empowerment and well being and/or gain insight into what is holding you back to get there, please get in touch.

We can live in greater understanding and ease
by being in alignment with soul. This to me,
is where we start to experience true freedom.
Irene A


“Irene has such pure integrity and deep aroha for this work, that I knew I could trust her completely to hold my soul while I went deeply within. The process itself is life changing – looking out through the eyes of my soul into different parts of its journey has made the existence of my soul tangible. I have been transformed. And my every day life is reflecting those inner changes back to me – my outer life is also changed. Thank you Irene.”


“Having recently completed my 9 session Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnotherapy® sessions the joy of life that had been eroded over the past few years has returned. I experienced many shifts and working with Irene has allowed me to address deep soul wounds that were causing distress and loss of joy in my life. I am now engaging with life at a deeper level and am experiencing joy at a whole new level. I feel more optimistic and confident in both my professional and personal life. My soul is so happy that I committed to this amazing program. Thank you so much Irene for guiding me so skilfully and compassionately to achieve my goal to bring the joy back into my life. ”

Tessa Jonassen

“It’s been a real pleasure to work with Irene and Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnotherapy®. I am only halfway through but I am finding much value and increasing depth with what I have chosen to shift within myself.
With Irene I feel safe and supported. I am able to go deep into myself and trust the process knowing that she will hold a beautiful space with sensitivity and integrity.”

Kate Hornblow

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  • Certified Hypnotique Protocol® Esoteric Hypnotherapist
  • First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Registered Practitioner and Tutor
  • Medicine Woman Certificate in Healers Studies©
  • Medicine Woman Certificate in Shamanic Studies©
  • Medicine Woman Certificate in Advanced Shamanic Studies©
  • Medicine Woman Rite of the Twelve Celestial Regents©

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