Tessa Jonassen Cert.HPEH

Hypnotique Protocol® Esoteric Hypnotherapist

The connection between body, mind and soul has fascinated me for many years and this fascination led me to train in a number of holistic therapies so that I could assist others to find balance and harmony within themselves. Soul work is at the heart of the services I offer clients providing a pathway for spiritual growth as well as personal and professional development.

My passion is in assisting clients to open up to new possibilities, new ways of being, to take that next step, the next leap of faith, and create a new life or lifestyle that is alignment with their destiny.

My experience, both as a client and as a hypnotherapist, is that the Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnotherapy® Nine Session Program delivers a real sense of freedom at a soul level, a deep sense of peace and contentment that permeates the life, and a sense of empowerment to live life of your dreams.

I work with clients from all walks of life including those in the corporate world, business owners and entrepreneurs who are on a path of personal, professional and spiritual development and growth.

Soul Healing Hypnotherapy
Hypnosis for Body Mind and Soul
Rapid, deep and lasting change & transformation

How I Can Help You

I offer the Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnotherapy® Nine Session Hypnotherapy program to those people who wish to transform their lives and find the gold that lies within.

“Experience the freedom and joy of living a soul based
and soul directed life. Let the magic of this journey
turn your dreams into reality”


“I had the pleasure of experiencing Tessa in the role of Esoteric Hypnotherapist during our training in the Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnotherapy® modality. I found her committed to creating the best possible environment to support my wellbeing during this process. Her voice soothed any fears and I found it easy to follow her direction to enjoy a successful outcome. I would recommend Tessa to anyone who sought Esoteric Hypnotherapy as a form of personal growth and healing. I look forward to enjoying her deliverance of this astounding Hypnotherapy technique in the future.”

Phillippa Bell, Dip FLFENZ. Cert HPEH

“I loved working with Tessa, I felt safe and comfortable enough to really dive deep to do the work I needed to, she was with me every step of the way, holding the energy and guiding me to reveal the hidden treasures within. Thank you Tessa, you’re a star.”

Tania Vinson

“In the 9 Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnotherapy® sessions Tessa provided a safe and sacred space and was a guiding light to bring new wholeness to my being. The Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnotherapy® sessions have been a remarkable journey where I can honestly say that I have been changed at a deep level, such a special feeling to be here now. The sessions with Tessa were a liberating and insightful experience and I feel the clearing and clarifying effect in my daily life still, weeks after the sessions. I can highly recommend Tessa as an esoteric hypnotist, she is calm, confident and competent and makes the sessions easy to follow and understand. I look forward to working with Tessa again in the future.”

Irene Dekker

“Tessa’s very calm voice and presence has meant that I feel very safe to go deeper and deeper into hypnosis with her. I feel as though I do deeper work each session, clearing the things that are holding me back in this life. I really enjoy my sessions with Tessa.”

Helen F.

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  • Certified Hypnotique Protocol® Esoteric Hypnotherapist
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified Reiki Practitioner
  • Registered First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Practitioner
  • Certified in a number of Medicine Woman Centre of Shamanic and Esoteric Studies® training programs

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