Anna Chan Cert.HPEH

Hypnotique Protocol® Esoteric Hypnotherapist

As a Hypnotique Protocol® Esoteric Hypnotherapist everything do comes from a desire to see the people I work with find healing and experience freedom. I’m also a psychic medium, who can work both face to face and remotely to help you unblock, see what needs to be revealed, and experience healing in a safe, and loving environment. I’ve worked with clients all over the world, and seen miracles happen in front of me.

I love to gather other healers around me, and formed a healing collective called Beyond the Veil, providing the different modalities we can use to experience true freedom.

Beyond the Veil
Past, presence and future

How I Can Help You

You have everything you need right there, inside you. I’m your guide, helping you identifying what your soul needs to clear, to move forward in life. It might be a block you’ve struggled with or a goal you can’t quite reach.

I was led to train as a Hypnotique Protocol® Esoteric Hypnotherapist because I saw and experienced the depth of power that came from the work, and wanted my clients to experience the same beautiful liberation, to move forward. We’ll work together to clear the past and to help you step into your future.


“I always thought that deep change would not occur, that I would remain stuck with the block, negative story and beliefs regarding recognising my skills and abilities and feeling comfortable asking others for fair compensation. Anna held a beautiful sacred space for me which allowed me to feel safe, supported and guided on all levels. The shifts that occurred (and are continuing) were deep and profound, and I have stepped into my power in a way that I never imagined was possible. I highly recommend Anna”.

Patricia, Christchurch, New Zealand

“I felt at all times, safe and held in a sacred container with Anna’s sensitivity and highly skilled gift as a soul intercessor. She navigated with fluid precision, supporting, and guiding me through tricky terrain. The results have been deeply profound, powerful, and life-changing. I loved the connection with animals in my journeys and Anna’s deep understanding of this connection. Anna, you are a light beacon in the dark and I am eternally grateful. I can’t wait to work with you again”.

Christina, Levin, New Zealand

“Anna is a very skilled facilitator who allowed me to explore places I had never been before. As someone who has been deep diving into my own past traumas for 30 years this experience has helped to complete some of the puzzle that has been my life. Hypnosis bypasses the conscious mind and allowed me to move quickly to what I needed to discover and to heal in those places. As each session unfolded I would find myself dropping into hypnosis almost as soon as we connected on Zoom.”

Beverley, Albany, Western Australia

“What does the Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnotherapy® mean? I had to see what it was all about. What deep down issue am I trying to solve? I never like being the recipient of blame so I procrastinate and become defensive until I think I am ready to complete something. I’m still going through the nine sessions and haven’t got to the depth of what the issue really is yet. I can feel things are changing and happening. It is the not knowing that excites me in this process and I am looking forward to an empowered me where I get touched moved and inspired by the present.”

Colin, Auckland, New Zealand

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Certified Hypnotique Protocol® Esoteric Hypnotherapist

B. Arts Metaphysics

B. Education (Early Childhood Teaching)

Certified in Adult Teaching

Certified esoHPEH©

Medicine Woman Certificate in Healers Studies©

Medicine Woman Certificate in Shamanic Studies©

Medicine Woman Rite of the Twelve Celestial Regents©

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